Hello Everybody!!

I just finished my movie!! Ah it was soo FUN!! I loved it!!

It was difficult especially making it long enough!! We have a man that “falls” off the building lands in a volcano, gets blown out, falls in ocean is sucked in by a killer whale, THEN saved and brought home!! Epic huh??

Ah this was the best assignment we have got!

THANKS Levi for working with me it was a blast!!

The Greatest Fall

My Music Mixx!!!!

Here my music mix is, it is only 10% of each song.

Hope you ALL enjoy!!=D


I give credit to the following:

“All Time Low: Remembering Sunday- Lyrics.” YouTube-All Time Low: Remembering Sunday. Web.9 Nov2010. <>.

“Jack’s Mannequin -Rescued.” YouTube- Jacks Mannequin- Rescued. Web. 12 Nov 2010. <>.

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Now all of you may be saying now what the deuce is that link!!!! Well I will tell you!!

This lady originally downloaded 1,700 songs and in court she got repealed and had to pay 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!! The music industry said that if she just admitted to being guilty she would have only had to pay 25,000 dollars!!



Hello everybody!!!

Today Mrs. Merschel asked us to blog about audacity.

The computer program can record things such as music or sound.

To record a song on Audacity you have to first go to YouTube  and pick out a

song that you would like to record.

Second you hit the record button which is red, BE SURE TO FOLLOW COPYRIGHT AND ONLY RECORD 10% OR 30 SECOND!!

Once you finish recording your part you hit stop and save it.

After you save it you can mix match and record as you please!!!

Thanks for reading hopefully its useful to some!!!!


Hello guys and ladies!!!

Today we are supposed to blog about our Sketch-up. I am making a soccer field.

The field is a basic one but it has home and away bleachers. It also has a scorers booth which most soccer fields do not have.

The biggest challenge I am having is making the net on the goal. IT’S SOO DIFFICULT!!

But I am working through it and getting closer and closer.

Thanks for reading!! Hope you all enjoy!!

What I Learned As A Grown Up…..

Okay so today we finished our Personal Finance section and was asked to type about what we learned.

I learned many things out of this unit.

The first thing I learned is that I wont always have mommy and daddy to support me. I will have to live with out some things that I want and stay with stuff I need. I will have to balance my money so I dont go broke!!

The second thing I learned is writing a check. Although I would rather have a debit/credit card learning how to write a check helped and will always be in my mind. When you write a check you MUST write out the full decimal because someone could change it if you do not!

The third thing i got out of this was how to manage everything. It truely helps when you have all your spendings all saved on a spreadsheet.

I would like to thank Mrs. Merschel for teaching me all of this!!!

My Simulated Life…..

Hello again!!! Today Mrs. Merschel told us to write about our simulated life we are doing.

I chose to live in Tampa, Florida.

I chose to live in this city because it has an awesome spccer institute.

The institute is located at The University of South Florida.

I found a cheap but very nice apartment.

I am driving a Ford Mustang. It gets 29 miles to the gallon.

It is also way cheap on gas.

Food was way expensive I spent almost 600 dollars on it.

But I still managed to get by.

None of this has been to difficult. Its actually fairly easy.

So yeah that’s what it is like!  Thanks for Reading!!!


Hello WORLD!!!

Today Mrs. Merschel told us to blog about anything so I decided to talk about soccer!

Soccer is an awesome sport!! I love playing it.

The new soccer season is about to start and I am PUMPED!! Most of the guys  on my team have been with me for awhile, so we get along.

The position I play in soccer is center mid-field and forward. I love being in all the action and scoring!

I have been playing since I was about 5! Each time i learn new things 0n how to improve. And that’s about it!

Thanks all who read this!